Women in their 20's, 30's & 40's Who Are Struggling To Get The Results They Want AT THE GYM To 
JOIN the STRONG n Lean Method 
 A Monthly Weight Training Workout Subscription Complete with Meal Plans & Mindset Training
It's So Simple-to-Follow You'll Feel Like You're Cheating!
WARNING:  You May Become Addicted!
If You're Done With The S.t.r.u.g.g.l.e And Overwhelm That Stops You In Your Tracks,
Every Time You Think About Losing Body Fat and Getting Lean Toned Muscles Into Shape ...
.. then learn to use the power of your Mindset to THINK Different + WEIGHT TRAIN with confidence + EAT Clean Nutrient Rich Foods.

Firstly, to make this a true success for you, you've got to get that fire in your belly to prove it to yourself that you can do it and to make this happen as it takes some resilience and grit!

So what’s you WHY?

Maybe you're recently triggered from a recent break-up, your ex cheated or you felt you looked thick in a photo or maybe you have a major event coming up and want to rock that outfit.

Or is it you are plain sick of tired of feeling heavy, puffy and not easily fitting into your clothes and so you're often cancelling fun times out with your friends.

Whatever YOUR reason, you can STOP driving yourself cray cray...whilst feeling lost, alone and defeated!

If that's how you feel now, you're in the exact right place!

Ask Yourself ... 
The reason I ask this is because although a day-by-day plan on EXACTLY what to do at the gym is clearly spelt out for you in this program what is really going to get you the results is your Mindset.

If you already know how to D.I.Y remove negative self-talk, lose weight, train the right way, get in great shape and go after what you
TRULY want in life ... you’d be doing right?

But are you spinning your wheels, starting new diets, signing up to quick 7min "home-workouts" and praying they work?.

Well then, you've been lied too because this stuff does not work!

Is this you.... Your "dream body" is becoming a "suck-the-life-outta-me chore" as you relentlessly
search for free workout plans and programs on Google thinking its the answer to your woes.
You’ve tried your hardest but in reality, you're afraid of becoming ...

❌ Another "gonna" do it
❌ Another "It didnt work"
❌ Another "Failure"


Everywhere you look people are posting their hot bods on Instagram and Facebook and they're lovin' their body sick!

... so why aren't you?

I get it. I spent years trying to figure all this stuff out myself with little results before focusing on the
one thing that all successful people do.

Let's face it. If you're here, you already know want that rockin’ body.

It's time to stop the freebie seeking nonsense and invest in a quality program – to get you results.

Seek the guidance and direction and follow a system to get your MIND mentally fit which will then get you a BODY toned & lean

- so you can ooze confidence, get the guy (or girl) you want and walk tall into any room!

With this new-found confidence you'll be inspired to then go after EXACTLY what you want
... in LIFE.

Save yourself the agony of trying to figure out how and what to train at the gym as it's got you s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g!

That said, this is perfect if you're FINALLY READY to ... 
  • BE able to wear what you want
  • BE able to reclaim your energy
  • BE able to free your mind of sabotaging your efforts
  • BE in love with your new sculptured body
  • ​BE committed to put in the time and energy required to succeed
... If So, Then It's Your Time SHINE Baby ...

... to create the confidence to live in that dream body.  

Because you're SO DONE having to think about it anymore!
Say "bye-bye" to self doubt 
And "hello" to Self Worth!
Let me give it it to you STRAIGHT UP.

If it's body shape you're after - split weight training is the FASTEST way to build lean muscle to allow your muscles to pop, take form and your athletic physique appears.

Don't waste your time with high-intensity (F45, bootcamp or Spin) classes that are getting you FITTER - if you want STRONGER & LEAN.

What about Diets.  Didn't work so you tried another? STOP!  

What you want is a SIMPLE SYSTEM to follow:  the Mindset to stay consistent, the Meal Plans with wholesome nutritional foods (all with the right macro's) and the weight training schedule 
- to GUARANTEE you get results.

That's it!  

Don't overcomplicate the process.  I intentionally keep it simple, to save you the overwhelm.

You've got to realise -  the Weight Loss and Fitness Industry have fed you BS!


It's time to take charge and ownership.  

There are NO SHORTCUTS.  

Do the right things - at the right time - show up everyday - put in the effort - stay the long-game 
"I get results, lose focus and take my foot off the accelerator.  I Just Can't Stay Consistent."
I know. I know...that's because the REAL BATTLE IS IN YOUR HEAD!

Get your MIND right and your BODY will follow.

The way you think and act isn't based on what you know or what you don't know.

Your thoughts are driven by the beliefs hiding in your mental blind spots.  Those are what drives your thoughts, actions and results, regardless of what you know.

They are what keeps you on that "hamster wheel" - it's a major pitfall.

All this with NO Plan, Support and Accountability - it's no wonder!
It Took Me Years To Get This Right! 
I've CRACKED THE CODE - Simplified the Process and Will Show You How.... 
There are health and fitness programs out there without any real support or accountability, so you're left on your own to figure it all out.  These programs offer far less value than you'll get in my 
STRONG n Lean Members Area.

I know there are thousands of women struggling to keep up with all the marketing hype on the best way to drop body fat and get into lean shape right now - and I want to make the process extremely easy for you.

I'm on a mission to help others just like you get the results you want!

You want to take this opportunity TODAY before another year passes before you know it.
You know, ever since my early 20's I strived for a body and life that I could be proud of.  What was holding me back was my mindset.  Comparing myself to others thinking I wasn't good enough year after year until one day - I had enough!

I couldn't live any longer in the confines of a limited mindset so I made a DECISION.  I had to sort this sh!t out for me.  No-one was coming to save me. 

It led me on a path to self-discovery and what I learnt was to develop GRIT, determination and how to bust the shackles in my mind to go after what I want.

I now devote my life to helping women get their mind into shape, and their body into a lean physique so they too can have the confidence to PRESS PLAY ON LIFE!
That's what drives me.

My Philosophy if you want success is to ...

... follow steps of someone who's done it before
... learn to get your MIND right first, your body will follow
... 80% eat clean wholesome foods at the right times and learn how to stop going to the fridge at night
... 20% enjoy some finer things in life (wine and cake)
... 100% be committed to weight train at the gym to sculpt your body (NO F45 or HIIT classes) for one full year
... surround yourself with people who bring you UP - energy vampires be gone!

AND you'll have the results!
No Shame If You Don't Have The Right Mindset.
- Its Not Your Fault!
You probably learnt this from your upbringing.  But that's ok!  It's all that you knew... UNTIL NOW!

Maybe you were always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream body instead of taking bold action.

You're not alone.  I Failed many times trying too... 
... but I ... 👉🏽 👉🏽 failed forward.  

I tried the latest gimmicks, late night TV ab cruncher and muscle toning gadget but kept believing there was a solution. 🦄
I thought this just wasn't for me but I was still eager to find the answers.  🤷‍♀️

I felt destined and doomed to stay in the shape that I was but I continued to learn.  📚

I was super frustrated with my results as nothing had worked but I persevered. 😣

Until... I 
engaged in a Coach/Personal Trainer I could trust and asked good quality questions.

I continued on this journey for a while getting some ok results, but something was still missing and I just couldn't put my finger on it - what was the missing link, I'd often ask myself?

My huge awakening came in my early 30's with I injured my L4/L5 lower-back and was instantly 
whipped into surgery.  

I was forced to recover laying in bed for months, staring at the ceiling for hours-on-end pondering life and questioned why it was so hard to attain the body and life that I truly wanted.  
Until ... Ah-ha💡!  

💥 The moment - it all came together! 💥

You see, I had dipped my toe into personal development and self-help books for years and although I knew I had to DO THE WORK from the learnings that each of the Mindset Guru's, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists were teaching, I had to tap into and use my internal navigation system (aka my MIND) to bring it all together into ONE HOLISTIC PLAN  

My internal navigation system (my non-physical self being my subconscious mind) needed rewiring to ensure all the elements of my life coincided with one another:  
This included my Career, Relationships, Health & Spirituality.

You see without that HOLISTIC PLAN bringing it all together, the universe was just giving back what I was putting in. 

I thought I was trying hard, but my focus was scattered all over the place so the universe returned the same scattered results.

Law. Of. Attraction.

So I backed myself, grew some kahoonies, got clear laser-focused, eliminated external distractions, went ALL-IN 

- and just DID THE F. WORK!  💪🏻
More Reasons To Trust My Mentoring... 👇🏻
Hi, I'm IREENE...
An Online Weight Training & Fat Loss Coach with decades of industry experience privately 1:1 coaching high-achieving women from all over the world!

I've spent countless hours consulting women who live crazy-ass busy corporate lives that had no structured plan on how/what/where to start with regards to getting into a healthy mindset & a lean body - I help them do just that!  

For years, women have been asking for a way to work with me in a group format and get ongoing support.  They've wanted help not only on what to eat and how to train but with figuring out the whole "how to stay consistent and fix my mindset" questions.   They've wanted a pathway to what IS possible. 

This is where I mentor women to navigate through the highs-lows and ups-downs of life with confidence.   Instead of feeling stuck, alone, confused and overwhelmed whilst striving to shape a lean body and a "balanced" life -  I help them gain clarity and focus.

I can mentor YOU too.  You'll learn how to train to attain:  
an unstoppable mindset to go after what the heck you want; 
a super efficient metabolism so you can ditch the fat;
eat consistent with quality food habits so you can quit the sugar;
and build lean muscle to sculpt a rockin' body.  

All this whilst building you the confidence so you can go out and press PLAY on all other areas of your Life.

- I've got your back!
IMAGINE How FREE You Would Feel With A 
Step-by-Step Success Path with Accountability 
- to Sculpt Your Mind & Body Of Your Dreams!
IMAGINE how much easier, lighter and happier would you feel?
IMAGINE the burden gone of "what else to do"?
IMAGINE how much better things will be when you talk amongst other like-minded women going through the same process where we lift each other UP and get real results.
IMAGINE... no really IMAGINE what it would be like to be able to wear what you want and stop playing small.
IMAGINE walking into a room and being admired for your confidence.
IMAGINE the relief!

STRONG n Lean !!!
A monthly subscription of LIFE & BODY SHAPING Coaching & Mentoring.  
It's ideal for goal-driven Women who want to succeed in getting into incredible shape both mentally and physically!
Prerequisite:  1 x Gym Membership & 1 x Can-do Attitude
What is it exactly?  
A monthly membership of split-weight training programs with meal plans and mindset motivation to get you results in the GYM.

You'll receive direct access to me with support & accountability via weekly LIVE calls, to shape a 
healthy mind and sculpt a lean body.

What's Included?
✔️Daily Gym Weight-Training Splits that coincide with your Weekly Meal Plans
 ✔️Short 10min video lessons on Mindset, Nutrition & Weight Training

✔️Full Exercise Gallery.

The program has a 12 month focus, split into four (4) phases:

[Phase 1] 16 Weeks of Body Fat Loss (expect to lose up to 10kg/20 lb's)
[Phase 2] 16 Weeks of Body Sculpting (without the bulk)
   [Phase 3] 16 Weeks of Accelerated Body Sculpting (get your camera out!)
[Phase 4] 4 weeks of Maintenance (refresh and renew)

Is there any Core Content?
Yes, WATCH the Core Short-Video lessons so you get educated on the fundamentals of 
Mindset, Nutrition & Weight Training including full weight-training exercise tutorials so you can feel confident knowing what to do in the gym - suitable for all levels of gym junkies.

How is the Content Delivered?
Each 30 days, you'll be dripfed:

⭕ 4x Weeks of Gym Split Weight Training Programs 
⭕ 4x Weeks of Training Schedules AND 
⭕ 4x Weeks of Clean Eating Meal Plans & Recipes to follow.  

It's all laid out for you day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month... simply follow along.

How do I Access the Content?
Login to the Membership portal and view content on your computer, ipad or iphone.  This is also where you can access recordings of the weekly LIVE Video Calls.

What Support & Accountability is Included?
Voxer [Walkie Talkie] Support
ASK ME ANYTHING Q&A is where I coach you through any pitfalls of life that are keeping you stuck.
Nothing like accountability to ensure you stay on track. 😉
** Upgrade option only

Any Bonuses?
Of course!  SURPRISE Guest Interviews with specialists relating to: Careers, Relationships, Health & Spirituality to help you in all facets of your life....sprinkled throughout the 12 month program.  

This is a real community with go-getter women wanting real results following a ONE CLEAR PATH.

With your clear vision and ONE CLEAR PATH to follow you'll soon learn exactly how to build a healthy lifestyle eating the right foods (macro's) to fuel your gym workouts, staying consistent to your goals and squashing sugar cravings for good. 

All whilst you become empowered being educated along the way.  This where I help you become Unstoppable & Sassy in all areas of your life.  

Your confidence will skyrocket and your energy will soar whilst you learn the ropes - l'll be guiding you by your side every step of the way.  

⚠️ WARNING:  You may pursue what you truly want in Life!

Want A Peek Inside?

Let's Go Further Deep Dive 
What's Waiting For You Inside...
 Go from being Stuck to Thriving following the 9 Steps outlined in the Framework.

This Framework is exactly what you need to follow the right Success Path to success.  It's step-by-step to ensure you complete with confidence to your ultimate goals!  You can be thriving in all areas of your life in a few short months.  Your Success Path/Framework is waiting you inside the program!  DOWNLOAD it right away and get started!
Go from being Stuck to Thriving checking off each stage as you go! 

Follow the Success Path step-by-step to ensure you reach your ultimate goals!  You'll be thriving in all areas of your life in a few short months.  Know exactly where you are in your journey with the vision to check off your next milestones.  Your Success Path/Stages is waiting for you inside the program!  DOWNLOAD it right away and get started!
Design Your IDEAL LIFE 
Everyone gets 24 hours in a day.  And yet some people seem to have productivity super powers.  They don't. 

It's simply the way they prioritise their life.  You'll see where to prioritise your time and where to put focus to reap the energy and for maximum productivity. You'll discover quicker and easier ways to get things done and eliminate distractions. And you get my entire framework for operating your busy work/gym/life schedule for peak performance.
MINDSET Lessons to Stay Consistent
We'll start out with the very basics - Mindset Video Lessons so you can THINK like a sassy woman!

Your body is a reflection of you in more ways than you think.That means where you struggle, it struggles.  And most women's struggles come directly from their beliefs and understandings about how they feel about themselves. No more dragging your heals, you'll be upbeat and lively as you identify what's holding you back and I'll guide you through the same processes I use with my private 1:1 Coaching clients of high-performing women to quickly get UNSTUCK and ON TRACK with clarity and confidence - knowing you'll come out on top!
NUTRITION Lessons to Eat Clean
Everything you need to know about Carbs, Proteins and Fats and when and what to eat!

No more second guessing what you should eat or how to structure your macro's.  Not only will you be educated on how to structure your meals, you'll understand the fundamentals of building a healthy relationship to food.  You'll be able to live your life with ease and not have to worry about sneaking in sugar to squash the craving - those days will be behind you.  You'll relish in the tastes, flavours and colours of nutritional dense foods.
Be empowered and learn the correct methods for all things weight training in these short video lessons covering every aspect of training - suitable for all fitness levels!

Whether you're a beginner just starting out and have never stepped foot in a gym to a seasoned professional you'll enjoy being educated on the type of training that is guaranteed to get you results.  Define and sculpt your body as you learn the tools and techniques to keep your body adapting and progressing to a new shape.  Develop the confidence to explore new technique and variations at the gym.
Weekly [Protein-Packed] MEAL PLANS
Never have to figure out what to eat ever again!  Weekly REALISTIC Meal Plans PLUS Recipes are waiting for you INSIDE the program.

Suitable for the entire family, these weekly meal plans include nutrient dense foods that are low glycemic index and packed with protein to ensure your blood sugars stabilise and you're fully maximising your efforts in the gym.  Plenty of variety and delicious flavours so that you don't get bored with repetition and perfectly portioned and timed for your needs.
Full EXERCISE Gallery 
Never wonder if you're doing the right form. Simply follow the guided instructional videos on how to perform the exercise correctly to keep you safe and limit any injuries.

Every body part technique is fully explained to you in this exercise gallery.  You'll learn how to use mind to muscle to fully maximise your range of motion to train at an intensity that is guaranteed to give you results. You'll never be bored with the mix of variations and supersets designed to define your muscles so they pop!
Weight training schedules set in advance. 

Each week, view the workout schedule then follow day-by-day your weight training split.  Miss a day - don't worry just pick up where you left off or follow on the next day. There are plenty of variations, superset and mix of training techniques to always keep your body guessing and more importantly progressing.  Feel confident your body is taking its shape as you're building a strong foundation of muscle bone and tissue for later years in life.
It's never gotten easier that this! 

Each day, check off the exact steps you need to take so you can reach your goals faster.  Feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you've done the work.  Simply tick the white box as you complete each task and you'll be edging closer and closer to your dream body.  Feel confident your mind and body is taking its shape as you're building a strong foundation for now and into the future.


Walkie Talkie Accountablity
If you need EXTRA hand-holding or DIRECT access personally to me, I've got you covered through the free Voxer App (similar to a walkie talkie).

Never feel confused, overwhelmed or second guessing your grocery choices.  Use the FREE walkie talkie anytime 24/7 to send me a voice message with any of your burning questions.  Or take a screenshot of any food labels or products that you're unsure of and I'll reply with a voice message on your exact next steps.  You have the option to interact with me daily to check-in your progress and for a little inspiration and motivation pep talk.
Safe Community to Connect
Feel safe and secure in this tight-nit community of like-minded women in an Exclusive CLOSED Facebook Group with paid Members only. 

Your environment plays a massive role in your results so it's critical you surround yourself with like-minded women whom bring you up raising your level of vibration.  Lean into this community and/or buddy up for extra accountability and support. This is where announcements and notifications will be issued including dates, times and details of our surprise Guest Speakers!
JOIN NOW and Get These Exclusive Bonuses
"Will this work for me?" 
WATCH your confidence soar as you check-in to your progress four (4) ways to keep you accountable to your goals.

"What if I can't do this?"
This workbook is the "secret sauce" to your success. It will help you uncover exactly What, Why & When setting you on a path to success.
"Will I have the energy?"
Never doubt where your energy will come from with this full guide on supplementation and vitamins to keep you performing at your peak.
"What if I don't have the confidence."
Get everything you need to learn the lingo and gym talk so you can fast-track your knowledge and confidence in the gym.
A Happy Client Christina... 
"I used to struggle with sugar cravings and binge eating and was always frustrated by the fact that I did not feel in control of my eating. And it was just getting worse with age. I was constantly failing at different dieting attempts - I tried no-sugar diets, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, and excessive high-cardio exercise but nothing worked in the long term. 

Then I met Ireene and developed an entirely new way of thinking about my eating habits and my body. Her approach is holistic, balanced and doable, even with my schedule as a professional working mom with kids. 
After following her plan I now feel completely in control of my health and are armed with the knowledge of how to maintain my health. 

Not only did she show me the path to success but she was with me every step of the way, cheering me on, and being fully and genuinely invested in my success.

 I finally feel strong, confident, healthy and, most importantly, I know how to maintain these achievements. One of the most unexpected yet fulfilling outcomes of this entire process has been the effect it has had on my family. Not only have I benefited from Ireene's coaching but I am now a role model for my kids and partner. Together we have all improved our health and know what it takes to stay fit and nourish our bodies. For that, I can't thank her enough."  - Christina
Ready To Be My Next Success Story?
DECIDE Quickly... make strides in your life with this Great price
Still On The Edge?
Take a leap of faith, trust your instinct that this is your time and do it for yourself!  You can feel secure knowing there is NO long-term fixed contract and you can cancel anytime.
One Final Word ...
In this program I'll be cheering you on every-step-of-the-way! I want to give you a fighting chance to feel limitless in your mind and body. 

I know you need help that's why you're here. I used to be in exact same position where you are right now.  I struggled with body image, was drunk on sugar and felt I wasn't good enough to get the body and life until I ...cracked the code.

I seriously genuine compassion for women whom feel stuck emotionally and physically, which is why I developed this program and compelled to ensure you succeed on your Success Path.  I've spent thousands of dollars ($) to learn this stuff and I'm packaging it all to you in one small price.  Not $997.
Or even $47.  Less than that.

You know, life doesn't have to be one long struggle, take the leap - I've got your back!
Human behaviour shows why some women succeed and others fail.  I set out to create a program to show you what will help you cause a breakthrough in results not only for your body, but your life.  I don't just tell you what to do, you get an experience of producing real results for yourself.  I'll force you to cut out the overwhelm by focusing on the 20% of activity that generates 80% of your results. You get the exact steps necessary to execute your Success Path.

If this program sounds like a beast, it might just be because you feel overwhelmed in your current state and you're trying to imagine how you'll add this program to your existing "to do" list.  STRONG n Lean is the antidote to overwhelm.  It's a system designed to give you focus and clarity on your VISION.  It will help you align your actions so you can see the BIG PICTURE of where you are headed.
It's not a program you rush to complete.  Inside the program you focus on what phase you are in (there are four (4) in total) ...you then focus on the daily & weekly steps and based on that, we move you to the actions you need to take you to the next phase. With a bit of meal prepping and 1 hour to exercise most days, you'll begin to see a whole new level of growth as a person.  Reminder....Life is precious and short so you need to understand this thing called TIME. If you cant take the time to get your mind, body and health on track, then you have an issue. Without your health, you're screwed. Time is not the problem, your priorities are and we deep-dive into this topic straight off the bat in our first calls. 

You and me both. But my desire to help others far outweighs my need to be perfect. I'm not perfect and I struggle at times with confidence, rejection or criticism by putting myself out there. But I fail forward, learn and bust through the fear and do it anyway.  I'll help you do the same and dissolve any lingering doubts or worries you may have about confidence.

Life will always get in the way, that's the point of it.  Accept it, but learn to put yourself first so only then can you be your best self to anyone else.  When you do that, life will go in FLOW. 

You need this. It's not a choice. It's an Asset Class if you understand "investing". Whether you do this with me or someone else, you need to invest into your health or your health expenses down the track will bleed your finances dry.  

Upon completing your order, you'll receive an instant Login Box to create your account.
Then you will get INSTANT access to the CORE LESSONS (Mindset, Nutrition & Training) plus the Exercise Gallery and where to join the Exclusive PRIVATE Members-only Facebook Group.
As this is a digital portal, your subscription includes updates to all content including guest Interviews and all the Q&A recordings.

As this is an online business USD is universal and an accepted currency world-wide.

You can cancel anytime but we do NOT offer refunds. All you need to do is send an email to support@strongnlean.com and tell us "your dog pee'd on your iphone" and that you wish to cancel and we can arrange it right away.

Although 1:1 Private Coaching is not included as part of this program, there is an option to Apply inside the program.  IF you upgraded to Voxer (walkie talkie) support at time of checkout, you can use that communication throughout the entire duration of our time together.    If you declined that option at check out and would still like to access, please request at support@strongnlean.com  *Note there is a fee.  Alternatively, you can ask questions in the private facebook group, group coaching calls or reach out personally on email.

Oh they are a pain! Just reach out to support@strongnlean.com or call +61 1300 88 50 18
So Is STRONG n Lean 
Your success is my success.
I want everyone inside STRONG n Lean to achieve amazing results!
But first, let's make sure you're a good fit for my program.
You're invited if You Have a ... 
  • • Gym Membership: a current active membership of a fully equipped gym.
  • • Can-do: a can-do attitude with an open and willing to learn mindset.
  • • Enthusiasm: show up with enthusiasm and really ready to take the leap knowing your new body by design is waiting on the other side.
  • • Supportive: you remain positive and complete the daily mindset activities and tasks spelled out in this program.

Not for you if...
  • Attitude: You have no real desire to train and wish to stay complacent.
  • Invest: You have no interest to invest money into getting the fast-track weight training system so are willing to pay the price of spinning your wheels and feeling stuck.
  • Nosy:  You just want to "check it out" and have zero intentions to do the work required.
  • Energy:  You're an energy vampire and just want look for reasons why it wont work
Another Raving Fan After Working Together ...
"I have spent a lot of time and money on programs over the years but I have never experienced such authenticity and genuine care as I have with Ireene.
She is the real deal. 
 If you're serious about achieving your goals, she will get you there. The diet and exercise program in the members area promotes positive and sustainable change in the easiest way possible. It's simple and focused and I have no doubt it will bring spectacular results. 
 Ireene very generously shares her expert knowledge and answers any questions you come up with. Her holistic approach is refreshing and her dedication is clear. 
 Ireene is totally approachable, committed and inspirational – and I can’t recommend her enough! "
- Nehad
Let's Recap
When You Enroll TODAY!
  • ​CORE Video Educational Lessons             ($497 Value)
  • ​Full Comprehensive Exercises                    ($297 Value)
  • ​Weekly Delicious Meal Plans                      ($297 Value)
  • Daily Weight Training Programs                 ($497 Value)
  • ​Over 200 Delicious Recipes                       ($97 Value)
  • ​PLUS Additional Support, Guides,
    Cheatsheets, Checklists & Templates
    AND Surprise Guest Interviews                  ($597 Value)
  • Walkie Talkie Voxier Support *Optional     (Priceless)
Total Value: Over $3000
$297 Upfront OR $27 per month
Upfront for One Year or Monthly Plan
Currency USD
I originally contacted Ireene to help me lose weight thinking that would fix all my problems. Ireene has helped me understand I need to take control in all areas of my LIFE to be happy. I didn’t realise what she was saying, but that’s what she’s done! The weight was a result of my situation and my mind was tricking me into thinking the weight was the problem.
You see before meeting Ireene I had decided to change course on my career pathway. It was scary but it was my truth. Ireene helped guide me to go after what I want. I had many doubts during this period. Not much fun having no income and being a single mum. But I stuck with my goal, put myself out of my comfort zone and after many failed attempts I got the job I wanted! In the past I would have talked myself out of persevering but having Ireene by my side, gave me the confidence.
In my interview, I was 100% ME. I visualised myself being calm and competent and squashed all self- doubt. I put my best foot forward and it paid off!
More exciting news…. I’ve also been approached by a new connection I made weeks ago at a dinner I attended (I’d become a bit of a hermit thinking I was too fat and old to make new friends) and the realisation of contracting out work as my own business is a dream come true! I would never have made a connection with this person if I was still in the same headspace before I met Ireene.
I truly now have self-belief I can control and be everything I want. It takes patience, hard work, feeling uncomfortable and self-belief. I’m not there yet with my weight loss & body goals, but I have a plan, the vision, everything is falling into place and it’s only a matter of time.” Nat W

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One Time Offer - Only $37: People always wonder: "What happens if I build a funnel, and it FLOPS?” Don’t worry (Most people's do the first time...)! At last year’s Funnel Hacking Live, I gave a special workshop called Funnel Audibles. It shows you a simple process to take ANY funnel that’s broken, and turn it from a ‘zero’ to a ‘HERO’! Click YES to get the training, plus the transcripts and companion workbook that will walk you through how to do a funnel audible on your own funnel now for just $37! (This offer is not available ANYWHERE else on the market!)

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